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Pahari Mandir

The temple of Lord shiva is situated in the heart of the city on a hill known as Pahari Mandir

Pahari Mandir is a majestic temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located on hilltop in Ranchi. This temple is located at 2140 feet above sea level and 350 feet above the ground.

It is a bare black land outcropping in the midst of a flat land. The age-old Pahari Mandir is located 8 km from the railway station and 12 km from the airport. The 2140 feet Ranchi hill houses the temple at its summit. One needs to climb a flight of 468 steps to reach the summit.

This place is fast developing into a religious tourist site as this is the best place to have a birds eye view of the city of Ranchi and also attain some salvation by paying ones obsequies to the Lord. A huge crowd of Shiva devotees gathers here between the months of February and October, during Shivaratri and other important days earmarked to pray to the Lord. The Lord also known as Pahari Baba is worshipped in the form of a linga. The hillock also known as Richi Buru is famous for its breathtaking views of the city and some spectacular sunsets and sunrises.

The temple is said to have the power of blessing its devotees with the desired wishes. The site of this temple also provides a birds eye view of the entire city of Ranchi. Its surroundings comprise different species of trees. The Shravana month of the Hindu calendar is its busiest time, during which devotees offer Jal Dhara to the main deity of this temple.

This temple of Lord Shiva situated on the mountain was in the possession of the British before the independence of the country and they used to hang the Freedom Fighters here. Since Independence, the national flag is also hoisted with Independence Day and Republic Day along with religious flags on this temple. This is the first temple in the country where the tricolor is hoisted.

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Visit the temple and seek its divine blessings.